Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Skyrian horse and a Skyrian pony?
They are the same.  The Greek word for the Skyrian Horse is "Helliniko Alogaki," meaning "little Greek horse." The word "pony" does not exist in Greek, so even though the Skyrian Horse is an average of 10 hands (110 cm) it is called a horse and not a pony in the English translation.

Why are Skyrian Horses unique?
Unlike most European horse breeds, Skyrian horses have remained true to their original type because they did not have the opportunity to breed with the Berber horse that migrated from the Iberian Peninsula.  They have been genetically isolated on the island of Skyros and consequently have a pure and ancient genetic type. The Skyrians are also unique in their temperament.   They are extremely calm and gentle when working with children and people with disabilities.

How much does it cost to keep a Skyrian Horse for a year?
The cost for the food, water, shelter, annual shots, farrier visits, and other care needed to keep one horse happy and healthy for one year is about 1500 €.

What other animals are housed at the Villa Silva?
In addition to our Skyrian Horses we have other horses, donkeys, cats, dogs, chickens, ducks, pheasants, chinchillas, hamsters, hawks, owls, canaries, geese, rabbits and finches.

How can I donate to the Silva Project?
To make donations to the Silva Project you may send a check made out to:
"Silva Non-for-profit organization"
Nafsikas 40,
49100 Corfu,
You may also make a bank transfer to:
Beneficiary: "Silva"
Account No: 6810-0232-0002-072
IBAN: GR24 0140-6810-6810-0232-0002-072
Bank name: Alpha Bank, Kapodistriou Corfu (Branch no: 681)
You can also adopt a horse through this site, or become a member.

Is my international donation tax deductible?
In some countries, yes.   Please contact us for more information.

When will construction on the new Silva Center start?
We will begin construction as soon as we have raised the 800.000€ we need to implement our architectural plans for the equestrian center.

What environmental goals does the Silva Project have?
Besides working to preserve the rare Skyrian horse, the Silva Project also hopes to one day provide environmental and conservation education programs that will encourage Greek youth to respect wildlife and nature.

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