Erato (1999)
Erato likes the company of the younger mares. She has a sweet character and is also one of the strongest of our mares. She is the mother of Ianthi, who is now living in Scotland.
Iggy (2005)
He loves to sunbathe in the afternoon and to snuggle. Iggy is Samantha's son.
Ikaros (2005)
Ikaros is a very playful yearling. Though he is the smallest, he is also the feistiest of our yearlings. Ikarus is Stacy’s son.
Isabella (2004)
Isabella loves people, attention, and treats. She has one blue eye and is a favourite with the children.
Lapis (1994)
Lapis is the boss mare. Although she may bite and kick the other horses, she is always kind to children. She has three daughters: Silver Star, Sandra, and Iris. .
Leonidas (1996)
Leonidas is very lively and proud of his herd. He is one of our most beautiful horses and has been depicted in numerous pieces of artwork. Leonidas is the father of many of our Skyrian horses.
Linda (2006)
Linda injured her front leg during birth, but is nevertheless very rambunctious and bossy. Linda's mother is Sapphire.
Loukas (2006)
Loukas, Emily’s son, was foaled in June. He is the youngest of our herd and is quite playful and energetic.
Pearl (1983)
Feeling frisky. Photographed in 2009! Not bad for a great, great grandmother!
Ruby (1982)
Ruby was bitten by a bear many years ago when she lived in Northern Greece, and the scar can still be seen on her hind leg. After much training she has recovered from her attack and is less nervous. In her old age Ruby takes walks with young children and loves to snack on grass outside her paddock in the afternoons.
Sam (2002)
Sam is the sweetie of the herd and is now one of our gelded riding horses. He is the largest of our Skyrians and is close friends with Shawn. Sam is Ruby's son.
Samantha (2001)
Samantha has the character of a leader; she is assertive, playful, and has lots of energy. She is also very pretty (and a little spoiled). One day she will probably become the leader of the herd!
Saphire (1996)
Saphire is one of our best brood mares and a wonderful mommy. She is calm, reliable, and very fond of company. Sapphire has three daughters and a son: Ivan, Sunshine, Samantha, and Linda.
Shaun (2002)
Shaun is quite small. He is one of our gelded riding horses and is close friends with Sam. Shaun can be mischievous, but is kind to our youngest beginners as he walks them up and down the hills of the estate.
Silver Star
(1999) Silver Star is dark brown and shines in the sun. She is easy going with other horses and people. Silver Star is the mother of Sophie and Isabella
Sophie (2002)
Sophie is small and likes to sneak out and steal carrots. She also enjoys playing with the water hose and jumping in her water trough. Sophie is Silver Star's daughter.
Stacey (2001)
Stacey is generally quiet and docile. She is also smart and a fast learner. Stacey is good friends with Samantha and Isabella. In 2005 she gave birth to Ikaros.
Sunshine (2000)
Sunshine is very sweet and quite beautiful. She tremendously enjoys long quiet walks. Sunshine is one of our best riding horses and our primary therapeutic riding mount.
Vangelis (1993)
Vangelis is a proper stallion: assertive, protective, and proud. He has a milder temper than Leonidas and is good with children. Vangelis is the father of many of our herd.

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