Lessons and Fees

Run from the Silva Estate in Corfu, our integrated riding club attempts to customize lessons to fit our students' needs.

We offer instruction for beginner and intermediate riders, both with and without disabilities. Our certified trainers teach English style lessons Tuesday through Sunday.

The club is run in conjunction with our breeding program, and many of the Skyrian horses are used both for breeding and in the riding school.

Riding School Phone: (30) 6947 004784

Number of lessons
per week
Price per
1 Lesson 60.00 Euros 15.00 Euros
2 Lessons 112.00 Euros 14.00 Euros
3 Lessons 156.00 Euros 13.00 Euros

Payments are made at the time of the lesson or monthly.
Horse care is included in the lessons when the instructor finds it necessary for the student's progress.
Recreational lessons are available for children up to 6 years of age.

Required Equipment/Clothes

Britches or long pants (no shorts or skirts)
Boots or shoes with heels (no trainers)
Helmet (the school has helmets for beginners to borrow)


Coordinator of the Silva Riding School
Specialist in Therapeutic Horse Riding
Physical Education Teacher
Riding Instructor

Luciana was born in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil. She has been working as a riding instructor since 1999. She has worked for the Brazilian Association of Therapeutic Horse Riding and has completed many courses related to special education, horsemanship and therapeutic horse riding. In 2004, she concluded her therapeutic riding specialization course at Yamanashi University in Japan. In 2006, she presented her research about the biomechanics of the therapy horse at the XII International Congress of Therapeutic Riding. In spring of 2008, she was invited by Sylvia Steen to join the Silva Project’s team. In July of 2008, she started to work in the “Silva Riding School”. She finds Corfu to be a marvelous island and recognizes that the “Silva’s Project” has an enormous potential to develop the therapeutic riding in Greece.

Sharon Marshall
Riding Instructor/Trainer

Sharon is originally from Liverpool, England. She's worked with horses in many parts of England for several years, mainly as a riding instructor.

In 2000 she came to Corfu for a summer break. She fell in love with Corfu and after almost 9 years she's still here.

Sharon joined the Silva staf in 2008 and in 2009 became a full time employee as a trainer and instructor. She enjoys training the Skyrian ponies, finding them extremely intelligent and quick to learn. She teaches advanced and older riders - classical riding being one of her passions.


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