The summary of the studio executive’s most recent move has an upcoming new sci-fi pilot in Chicago in February 2022. It is called “Wizdom.” The story is about thieves who practice their limits to survive each heist. Wizdom begins filming from February 21st – 25th at CineCity Studios. 

Alex Pissios is the former Cinespace CEO to executive produce. Alex Pissios has signed on as one of the film’s Executive Producers. Alex Pissios and his family have created Cinespace, which became one of the biggest film studios in the United States. Cinespace created hit show series like Chicago PD and Chicago Fire. 

New viewers will see that Wizdom takes place in the future, where daylight is rare. The show’s main characters, Eos and Vayle, are two professional thieves who live on the borders of a neon-lit colony conquered by the biotech company Wizdom. They use superhuman enhancements and other posthuman bioengineering to steal raw supplies from Wizdom to prepare a drug to show users visions of the future. 

Will Eos and Vayle succeed with their mission? Viewers will have to wait and see. 

The world of Wizdom inspires artists living in Chicago. 

In 2011, Alex Pissios and Nick Mirkopoulos bought sixty acres of the old Ryerson Steel complex in Chicago’s North Lawndale neighborhood, where it eventually became “The Cinespace Chicago Film Studios.” Alex Pissios is a true leader in Cinespace. 

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