Haroldo, the Curitiba investor, made some donations a few years ago that will be advocated by the organization and monitored by his loved ones from 2022. Haroldo Jacobovicz’s technology experience spans more than three decades in Curitiba. Jacobovicz is also famous for his corporate social responsibility.

In 2021, Jacobovicz will give about 250k reais to animal protection institutions, adult cancer prevention and therapy centers, daycare facilities, disabled people, nursing homes, homeless individuals, and hospitals. At 60 years now, the investor created Haroldo Jacobovicz Institute (IHJ) to secure his sincere philanthropic efforts.

IHJ will bring together a team and finance it to address different social concerns in its structuring phases. Haroldo said that all their actions would be rubber-stamped because they intend to interact more with beneficiaries. Jacobovicz will be IHJ’s CEO, Zlotnik will be the vice president, Valeria will address the legal matters, and Karina will be the administrator. The family intends to conserve the prevailing actions and spot other fronts like creating an educative, innovative, and tech-driven project.

Jacobovicz’s roots are in Germany and Poland. He has emulated his parent’s participation in social responsibility efforts. Therefore, he discovered that he had to do collective things to accomplish individual success. Humanitarianism is passed from one generation to the other, and Haroldo Jacobovicz is focused on transferring the same to his daughters and grandchildren. Haroldo’s family is dedicated to establishing extended collaborations with like-minded institutions.

IHJ prefers to become reliable now and in the future instead of offering random assistance. The group has recurring donations, and it plans funfairs to commemorate holidays like Mother’s Day, Christmas, Children’s Day, and Easter. The Institute also promotes the winter initiatives annually by distributing blankets. The idea is to develop a perfect calendar and execute it based on the Coronavirus measures of proper hygiene and social distance.

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