Frame’s entrepreneurial career began in 2001. After quitting his job at Cisco Systems, he spent his days tinkering with building his first Internet service. From this experience, Andrew Frame realized he was more interested in the hardware and services of the Internet than the underlying technology. This was the catalyst for Ooma, which he founded in 2004. Ooma is an on-demand voice solution for the home and a company that has generated a number of successful spinoffs, including Telguard. Frame stepped down as CEO at Ooma in July of last year but remained involved with the company as a venture capitalist.

While at Cisco, Andrew Frame conceived the idea for Ooma and helped build the original business plan for Ooma, a digital telephony company that turned over to eBay for $2.4B. Andrew Frame has also worked as a lead programmer for Cisco, a technical product manager for start-up Kazaa, a product manager for a technology start-up called Phonetik that was acquired by Samsung in 2003.

After a three-year stint as a venture capitalist and venture builder at Google Ventures, he founded Tether, a company that revolutionized the $80B market for third-party firmware and connected products. Tether was acquired by IBM for $140M in 2011.

Citizen is a technology company that creates a platform to keep people safe. The app uses Wi-Fi data from the public to create a map of location information, allowing for precise, hyperlocal warnings if a person is in harm’s way. It allows both Android and iOS users to push out notifications to their phones and alert emergency services to their location.

Since founding Citizen, Andrew Frame has focused his efforts on creating an app that makes emergency situations less devastating and more bearable by providing citizens with timely, accurate information from emergency services while helping first responders offer more precise and timely information to citizens. “Safer neighborhoods are where we live and work, and we want to be in a position to take those calls and respond to life-threatening incidents,” noted Andrew. Go to this page for more information.


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