It has not been easy for Georgette Mulheir to become one of the best social workers in the world but she is thankful for all of the opportunities she has been given. She was first born back in 1968 to a dad who was a carpenter & a mom who was a social worker. This is how she knew she wanted to be just like her mom & go into that same field when she grew up. Currently, she is a worldwide recognized social worker. By the time the late 80’s rolled around, Georgette Mulheir had been admitted to the local conservatory where she could have gone on to attain worldwide fame in the music industry.

But in the end, she knew that social work was what she wanted to do with the rest of her life & as such, opted to major in it. After graduating in the spring of 91, her mom was nice enough to get her a job in her office & she enjoyed that role. But it soon became clear that Georgette Mulheir had much more potential than that (Muckrack). 

This is why she moved to Bucharest as they had no social services unit there at the time.  But she was able to launch the very first one & it was not long before the number of orphanages in the nation had been reduced drastically as she was able to find homes for many of the kids there. Global leader and activist Georgette Mulheir is proud of what she has accomplished but will not stop until every kid has found a home. 

Today the country is in a humanitarian crisis and many Haitians have looked to leave their country in order to live in a more politically stable environment. Georgette Mulheir is a longtime activist and executive of humanitarian aid organizations. She focuses on helping children leave orphanages and live in more stable homes while growing up. As well as assisting children, Georgette Mulheir is also involved in helping countries provide humanitarian aid to people who come from dangerous and politically unstable countries. Over the years, Georgette has been recognized for her efforts in helping many people live a better life through her humanitarian aid efforts.