An article from Make Use Of recaps the recent additions made to the social media app Yubo. Before mentioning what arrived with the update, the application allows people to message each other, live stream, and meet new people. Interestingly, the social media platform does not run through likes or followers. The two big changes that arrived on the platform include livestream onboarding and add by tags. People can be notified if their camera or mic is off and interact with others in a stream. In order to join a livestream, someone can simply press the raise hand button to join. Upon arrival, the camera will automatically be off for privacy but those in the chat can see their username and profile picture. The second new feature of Yubo is added tags which allow participants to implement tags to their profile upon sign-up to help meet similar-minded individuals.

The feature simply allows more customization and was created to help people meet new friends with similar interests. Those on the social media app can even find people through tags by clicking on the tag. The application confirms people can add 200 friends per day at the most. Yubo has become very popular among Gen-Z. The main appeal of the platform seems to be the ability to meet people with similar interests through shared tags. However, it is noted that those on the app can meet other people by joining livestreams or swiping. People can find the application on the Play Store and App Store and joining the community only takes a couple of minutes. Yubo wants people to know they are different than Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The company wants those to know they have fixed some bugs and made the changes to make the platform more user-friendly. They hope the update will make the platform more attractive and fun for users.

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