Social media is one of the greatest tools used by modern businesses to market and inform consumers about various products and services. Many organizations have turned out to be successful when they learnt how to utilize social media in a great way. Hawkers, for instance, performed very well and grew their business because of Instagram. Alejandro Betancourt introduced this marketing method when he joined the facility few years ago. The financial situation in the company turned around very fast because Instagram was reaching more clients, and things were looking up very well. Many years later, Alejandro Betancourt is happy because he saw a great opportunity in an area where other investors do not. The businessman knew that he could use of traditional and expensive marketing techniques, but the outcome would not be amazing. The leader opted to combine modern and some few inexpensive traditional ways, and he has made his brand one of the best in the fashion world.

Alejandro Betancourt is not the first person to use Instagram and influencer marketing in the modern times. The leader, however, is among the first people who moved it out of social media. The talented international business leader searched for several trendy professionals who enjoyed wearing sunglasses. These people partnered with Alejandro Betancourt to make the brand popular. The professionals marketing the products would be offered several incentives at the end of the day just for sharing information with various people. The financial results of this marketing strategy were amazing. Apart from making very good sales, the company had to produce more items to fit the demands of the growing clients. Lopez also worked with young students who could easily reach numerous customers in schools and explain more about the sunglasses. The power of influencer is what keeps the organization thriving in the competitive market.

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