Data Systems International, a leading innovative inventory management solution provider, announced that it would offer Cloud Inventory’s Field inventory integration with Salesforce CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform. It’ll help users to execute field inventory applications and integrate accurate equipment data, field captured, tickets, inventory, and tools used in service work in the field.

Warehouse Inventory will be on a real-time basis. Warehouse Inventory helps you manage what’s going on in your warehouse. You can track inventory received, put into storage and shipped out for delivery, as well as other information pertaining to the items in your warehouse.

Manufacturing Materials will be monitored and tracked online. Manufacturing Materials is a program specifically designed to help manufacturers track their inventory of materials used for manufacturing.

Salesforce is a software firm that offers customer relationship management services and enterprise applications complementary suite. DSI integrates field inventory applications to optimize Salesforce CRM’s field services for Salesforce clients. Cloud Inventory’s Field Inventory Management is cloud-based and mobile-first platform that helps users determine the location and state of inventory and tools in real-time.


Salesforce users can use field inventory to track and issue service orders on tools, labor, and inventory with a mobile device-accessible composite application. Field technicians can also use the application to update or complete a work order. When data is filed in the field, the entire CRM system integrates it, leading to an effective customer reaction based on accurate and timely data access.

According to the president and Chief Executive Officer of Data Systems International, Mark Goode, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a vital success element for companies utilizing Salesforce. Most of them depend on field services. Field inventory management offers Salesforce customers real-time field operation visibility to help them effectively and safely meet customer demands. With the ability to track field tools and inventory in real-time, Salesforce customers that incorporate Cloud Inventory’s Field inventory platform can optimize their CRM systems through efficiency and compliance improvement in field services.

About DSI

DSI’s mobile-first applications and inventory help organizations with real-time visibility in every phase of the supply chain. It is based in Kansas City and has a global expert team with mobile-first development and chain supply knowledge that offers solutions to the current business challenges. Read this article for more information.


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