Daniel Schwartz is a cartoonist who graduated from Montclair State University in New Jersey. He holds a degree in Film and Animation. He has been living the life of an artist ever since he began drawing when he was just five years old. Even though his career may have started relatively small, Schwartz has made a name for himself.


In 2012, Daniel Schwartz created the web comic The Adventures of Daniel, which highlights his experiences and conversations with other young adults that share similarities with him. It’s like going through college and trying to find potential work at their local comic book store. The strip follows Daniel’s journey from the first semester of college to his first job after graduation.


His Achievements


Daniel Schwartz has been featured in many online and print publications. Although his first comic was never published, he managed to self-publish a second comic entitled  Dudes with Swords and Sorcery. The book contains two different stories of his, both set in Eternia’s fantasy world.


Successful businessman Daniel Schwartz has also featured work in many different magazines, such as the  Emmy Award Winning animated sitcom “Clone High” and “Wizard Magazine.” He also has some works posted on Cartoon Network’s website, where he has created multiple Flash animations. Schwartz has also been featured in various newspapers like the “Montclair Times” and  Jersey Journal. He is currently working on a book, The Adventures of Daniel, which he hopes to publish.


The Adventures of Daniel features the main character, Daniel Schwartz, and his friends going through their everyday lives as students in college. He uses his webcomic as a way to connect with other students that are studying art or a similar field. He also draws inspiration from real-life situations that he has been through. The strips often comment on college life, dating, and finding work after school.


Daniel is the main character of Schwartz’s strip entitled The Adventures of Daniel.