A healthy dog is all everyone wants. Healthy feeding is crucial. Your dog’s diet is as essential as your diet. According to the food you feed your dog, it might develop issues with energy or weight. The food you give to your dog is the main determinant to keeping your dog healthy all the time.

Eugene Plotkin is the CEO for TechWallet and thus became a consultant there. He gives tips on feeding your dog and acts as an example. You should ensure the best combination of dry, wet, and raw foods for your pet. Many stores and brands offer dog food, claiming to be the best. Selecting the best food that has the best ingredients for your dog might thus be challenging. He advocates for dog food containing no sugar, corn, soy, wheat, and allergens.

According to Eugene Plotkin, meat and veggies are the ingredients of choice. Foods that do not have grain and corn include Origen and NutriSource, which can be accessed online. Consider checking the ingredients rather than liking the dog food brand.

Eugene Plotkin advises the use of frozen raw food for your pet. It contains meat that is rich in nutrients. The meat has fruits and vegetables in place of soy and grain. It is made from bone, muscle, or organ. This meat is the best dog food for wild hunting. For traveling, the best food for your dog would be dehydrated food.

Eugene Plotkin says you should choose pork, fish, turkey, and lean beef instead of chicken. Dogs are allergic to chicken. Fresh dairy such as yogurt is good for your dog. Some fruit for your dog will also be great.

Many people don’t like spending time cooking fresh foods for their pets. However, homemade fresh meals for your dog are crucial. Eugene Plotkin says it is unnecessary to cook daily, but you can do it occasionally. Some stores sell fresh dog food without by-products and fillers. Fresh food increases your pet’s appetite and keeps it healthy.

Canine dry food is also important for your dog. However, you should ensure that you get a healthy brand good for the coat and body. The contents of the kibble are very key in feeding your dog. It should not contain soy, corn, or grains. In this case, you can choose canned wet food such as Evanger’s.

After healthy feeding of your pet, exercise comes in. Just like human beings, exercise is compulsory to keep healthy. Take your dog for a walk in the park or a run in the evenings. Joining a meet-up group for people staying in the city is important as your dog gets to run as you meet your friends. Exercise is important for the health of your pet.

Having the right and balanced diet for your pet and ensuring that they match your lifestyle with exercise will ensure a happy and healthy life for both of you. Ensure that you consult your veterinarian every time you want to change or upgrade your pet’s diet.