Jason Hope is a marketing expert who spends much of his time figuring out how to put social media to work for brands. He’s watched how social media has shaped the way that people live and thinks there are three essential aspects of social networking sites. The activist investor, founder of Web Marketing Boost, said that every social media site has a specific structure, which dictates how people use it. Jason Hope said that the design or look of the social networking site is not essential, but what is necessary is the way people use these sites.


Social Networks Helping Businesses Grow

For Jason Hope, the real value of social networks is to help companies grow. Hope said that this is the most important aspect of social networks and that it is a “means to an end.” He said that businesses should use these platforms to build up their social media site and that users should not expect companies to be using these sites in such a way as to benefit them. 


Hope said that the companies that are successful on these platforms are the ones that believe in them and drive traffic to those sites. Hope said that if a company tries to get people to comment on their wall or follow them, they are not succeeding at social networking. Jason Hope said that these companies are essentially just trying to get people to use their websites.


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The Entertainment Game Is Stronger Than Ever 

The entertainment game is more vital than ever for these networks. Hope said that as a result of Instagram, people feel much more comfortable putting themselves out there on the Internet. He said that people’s thoughts and photos were private in the past, but now they are more readily pushed out into the public eye. Jason Hope said that the obsession with how you look as a young person may affect the older generation’s attitude toward social networking. Hope said that he thinks that most people spend too much time being critical of social media and don’t take advantage of the benefits it can provide.


The Role of Mobile Devices for Social Media 

Hope thinks that mobile devices will start playing a more significant role in the way people use social media, particularly for marketing. The business expert said that he thinks companies will be using their smartphones and tablets to connect to their Facebook accounts and that this is where businesses are going to see a return on the time they put into social networking sites. Finally, Jason Hope said that these devices could help businesses provide better customer service, which he thinks companies need to strive for.