Hughes Jason Hughes is the creator, manager, and owner of Marino. He began his investment in the lease accounting profession with Cushman & Wakefield in the Millennium City neighborhood of Los Angeles in the 1980s. After that, Jason Hughes moved to San Diego, where he has roughly 30 years of expertise in bargaining leases and acquisitions for companies, non-profits, businesses, and cities. 


Jason Hughes and his wife have been active in the residential lease accounting industry for over two decades. The renter engagement firm has expanded to be a national player with offices around the country. Its beginnings may be traceable back to San Diego (Up to now, Hughes Marino buyer and tenant representation firm is the most well-known and reliable unique tenant and buyer management agency in the area). 


Jason Hughes and Shay have focused their efforts as top companies on offering more comprehensive client solutions. He was a pioneer in consumer safety, writing the proposal that became law, the property manager Double Agency Declaration Bill, or SB 1171. President Brown passed the bill in August 2014, and it came into force on January 1, 2015. 


Skilled renters in California will end up with a new state regulation requiring CEO Jason Hughes from Hughes Marino representation firm´s services to obtain written notification when working with a broker who serves all tenants and owners, possibly causing a conflict of interest (LinkedIn).


Jason Hughes has dealt with lots of square meters of permits and transfers. He has experience with long-term and high-value lease agreements, initial restructurings, growth and deformation negotiating, and office, hotel, and residential property transfers. Jason Hughes also participates in borrowing arrangements, leasing and loan strengthening exercises, official talks, anchor strong property arrangement development, and project funding discussions.