Krishen Iyer is a successful innovator and entrepreneur living in Encinitas, in the California’s US state. He is the founder and owner of MAIS Consulting, a company that deals with building, rebranding and selling all types of companies and businesses. MAIS Consulting specializes in overseeing marketing agreements, Strategic partnerships, and contracting. Krishen Iyer spent his childhood in California where he attended Bullard High School until 1998. 


He later joined San Diego State University where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration. When he graduated from college, Krishen Iyer started working in the insurance field. He founded MNP Insurance, also referred to as Name my Premium. With Krishen Iyer’s zeal and dedication, the company realized phenomenal growth, and by 2015, it was included in the Inc. 5000 list. 


Following up to his career, Krishen Iyer later founded and became the CEO for MBS (Managed Benefits Services), originally called Quick Link Marketing, a company that helps clients generate business leads. MBS is a qualified insurance agency and marketing firm that utilizes a quality analytical process to generate best potential leads for clients (Latinpost).


Krishen Iyer is a very inquisitive individual who is always on the look for new ways of improving his business and exceeding his clients’ expectations. His daily mantra is meeting his clients first, then finding solutions to the needs of every customer. He also sacrifices his time to engage in charitable endeavors within the community including the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and taking part in relief efforts for the Haiti earthquake victims. Krishen Iyer loves spending time with his family and his hobbies include playing tennis and chess.