In Kheireddine’s words, “You don’t know how gratifying it would be to see that you’ve touched somebody constructively and rendered their life marginally better than would have been if you hadn’t affected it.”

When he’s run into past classmates in unusual locations, like the airport, they’ve acknowledged how he’s had a positive impact on their life.

Paying it forward is important to Marwan Kheireddine.

You altered my life since I asked for advice and you gave it to me, and now look where I am,” he tells them. “(They’ll say) you changed my whole life.”

Whenever someone unexpectedly approaches him to show appreciation for whatever he’s done to help them, he claims the reward always arrives.

In his own words, “That gives me much more delight and joy.”

It has been gratifying for Kheireddine, a former member of the Beirut Stock Exchange’s board of directors, to have such great reaction. On top of that, he has served as a trustee at both the American Local Education Beirut and AUB School Of business for over 10 years, helping the schools to develop their academic programs. Endeavor, a global nongovernmental organization, has a branch in Lebanon and he serves on the management board of the organization’s Lebanon chapter.

As part of his commitment to supporting the next generation of Lebanese businesses, the entrepreneur founded YOUTHinc. Kheireddine was instrumental in the development of Circular 331’s plan to invest in new Lebanese businesses in order to stimulate the economy.

In addition, Marwan Kheireddine Lebanon launched Virgin Megastores to Lebanon, offering more employment opportunities for the local population, including adolescents. A Virgin Megastore was the result of his collaboration with Richard Branson, and it was opened in 2001.

As he puts it, “It put Lebanon on the map.” As a result of our appearances on CNN and Euro News, “Lebanon’s image was portrayed in a positive light.”

As a result, Kheireddine organized hundreds of performances, including one with Bryan Adams, which became a part of Lebanon’s pop culture. Read on to find out more about Marwan Kheireddine and his work at