There is a great deal of pressure on women to conform to societal standards. Miki Agrawal, CEO of Thinx, believes this pressure is the reason for the gender wage gap. The wage gap is currently at 19 percent. If an employer were paying equally for men and women doing the same job, the woman would be making 19 cents less per hour than a man doing the same job.


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Miki Agrawal says that society has placed a lot of emphasis on gender roles and how women should behave to be respected and valued by their employers. However, these roles are not being applied equally across all areas of society, and therefore there needs to be more discussion about why this is happening.

Miki Agrawal believes many things need to be done to fix this issue: “We have no choice but to fix it now because it’s getting worse every year.” Agrawal believes that we need to start with raising the bar for men and women to be paid equally. She states, “Men get paid more because they are expected to be more ambitious and do more.” Agrawal says that social media needs to start talking about it and bringing attention to the problem to fix this issue. The most important thing is for people to talk about it so that everyone can have an open dialogue about it.

Agrawal also points out that if you have a male CEO who is not paying women equally, he is not just being sexist towards women but also towards himself in the workplace. This means he may not make as much money as he would if he paid equally for men and women doing the same job. Therefore, Agrawal believes that one thing that needs to happen for companies like hers to pay equal wages is to make sure they have a diverse workforce. The company has a diverse workforce because it hires people from different backgrounds, races, and genders. Miki Agrawal says that this is something that needs to happen in all companies.