Human beings mainly focus on solving problems in their daily lives. It mainly applies to entrepreneurship, where the most creative and daring in making their dreams come true succeed. It also applies in the case of Miki Agrawal, the founder of Tushy.


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Miki and her creative team have played a significant role in improving the toilets sector. If you are interested in knowing more about Miki’s successful career and plans to be one of the most creative brains, read on to understand and be motivated by her successful career journey.

Miki Agrawal was brought up in Montreal by her Japanese mother and Indian father. As a result, she grew up in a multicultural world from a young age. It made her spend much time exploring and questioning many ideas and how things were being done.

When she joined entrepreneurship, Miki Agrawal decided to intensively research industries and found that they lacked innovation, which triggered her to start Tushy. Miki put her Innovation and creativity to the test by taking advantage of basic human functions and the need for change in the industry.

Miki Agrawal is always ready to lead the toilet industry in creating new products. Through Tushy, she developed a marketing campaign to promote a new product called the Tushy Ace. They also designed an artful electric bidet seat at a lower price than their opponents. Agrawal created an eye-catching campaign to show how the product works. She knew that people could only understand how it worked by trying it.

To achieve this, Miki Agrawal and her crew created what other industries regarded as the “Bellagio Fountain” of Tushy bidets. They designed a system such that the bidets would spray like a foundation to match the song after playing the symphony music. The eye-catching campaign was a perfect example of how Agrawal’s willingness and innovativeness to break barriers in the industry has put her on a successful entrepreneurial career path.