Miki Agrawal is a rare combination of imaginative vision and an entrepreneurial essence with an unwavering desire to change the impending status quo in numerous industries. Her distinctly irreverent approach has demonstrated itself in two successful business ventures and books, exclusively focused on society’s taboo subjects. This inventive Canadian pacesetter makes the best of every chance to implement disruption as a main force of change not just in her life but also within the larger community.

The self-proclaimed business leader made a foundation of her professional evolution by graduating with a degree in BC, which she attained from Cornell University back in 2001. Miki Agrawal then joined investment banking at New York City’s Deutsche Bank as an analyst, where the 9/11 events intensely impacted her. She instinctively shifted her focus and developed a burning desire to impact people positively and add value to the global community. Instead of redefining her career pathway, Miki Agrawal preferred choosing her ideal lifestyle, and she searched for a well-suited business idea. She founded a gluten-free and farm-to-table pizzeria initially called Slice but now referred to as Wild in 2005. The thriving eatery has opened two bases in New York City.

Miki Agrawal’s next business venture depicted her enduring passion for finding a more effective and eco-friendly manner of dealing with pressing environmental issues in the world. She launched THINX in 2008. THINX is among the top sustainable underwear companies, and it is geared to helping women and girls during their menstrual cycles. TUSHY is Miki Agrawal’s latest innovative venture. It is a pioneering startup that produces bidet-style toilet accessories.


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Due to Miki’s desire to generate a more hygienic and environmentally friendly way to access personal hygiene needs. Her honest approach to the concept has since brought remarkable benefits to those it is meant to help. TUSHY’s extensive petition expanded when there was a shortage of toilet papers globally, sometime in 2020, which resulted in steady revenue surges for the innovative product. Currently, more than one million customers have bought the TUSHY product.

Learn more about Miki Agrawal: https://ideamensch.com/miki-agrawal/