Bhanu Choudhrie is a great businessman and the Founder of Alpha Aviation Group. His career skyrocketed after he invested in Air Deccan, an airline in India. This investment was risky, and any wrong moves would have sent him down financially. He, however, believed in the potential the airline had. It, however, paid off, and this set him apart and was just the beginning of the many investments he would take on in the years to come.

Alpha Aviation Group is a training institution for pilots. Since its conception, the goal has been to revolutionize air travel. Due to air travel and the stakeholders involved, some laws created in the early 1900s are still in practice. Unlike before, where few people traveled by air, Bhanu Choudhrie deemed it necessary for these laws to change. Most people today have embraced air travel.

In aviation school, training happens through the use of simulators. These simulators resemble real planes and have all the control tabs on the dashboard. These simulators replace the need to use planes during the coursework, allowing the students and trainers to access them easily. This training method lets the students learn how to fly an aircraft at their own pace. The students can later be allowed to fly real planes, making it easier to understand and use everything they learned in the simulators.

The simulators are cheaper, allowing smaller aviation schools to invest in them. The simulators also incorporate new technology developed, allowing students to keep tabs on growth. Bhanu Choudhrie, with this technological advancement, has helped reduce the training period required to be a pilot from five years to 2 years.

This change, brought about by Bhanu Choudhrie, will help hasten the policy-making process and probably revolutionize air travel. The emergence of more advanced planes and artificial intelligence will also help grow the air travel industry as more people travel the world and do business. Through this innovation, Bhanu Choudhrie continues to be a pacesetter in the business world, making him one of the most sought-after businessmen. Go Here for related Information.