When Dr. Mehmet Oz operated on Sudhir Choudhrie some 20 years ago, he did not know that the patient would one day be a guest on his TV program. Although the surgeon was optimistic about the operation, neither he nor his patient thought that one day, the two would talk on TV about what happened over 20 years earlier. For a better part of his life, Sudhir Choudhrie had indeed struggled with a volatile heart condition. He almost thought he’d die before he hit 30 years. However, since receiving a new heart, Sudhir Choudhrie has lived more than 20 years since.

Dr Oz was the one who conducted the complicated heart surgery and subsequent transplant at the Columbia Medical Center, NY, and operation that gave Sudhir Choudhrie a second chance in life. Since that major operation that saved his life, he has vowed to do whatever it takes to help those that he deems vulnerable in the community. Besides, Sudhir is doing all that he can within his powers to aspire people that are living with heart complications. Speaking during the show with Dr. Oz, Sudhir Choudhrie said that life has taught him that it does not depend on the individual to live but a collective responsibility. “I’d have died a long time ago had it not been for the transplant. The life I’ve been able to live since then should not be used solely on me alone,” said the now-aging Choudhrie and more

During the Dr. Oz Show, Sudhir revealed that apart from giving back to the community, he has released a book, ‘From My Heart: A Tale of Live Love & Destiny’, which explains some of the challenges he faced with heart complications and a journey through surgery, transplant, and recovery. His appearance on the show was also seen as a means of giving hope to those that are living with heart conditions.

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