NumbersUSA is a nonprofit organization founded by Roy Beck in 1996. The group’s mission is to promote a decrease in the United States population growth rate.

NumbersUSA wants to create an environment where children and families will be able to live their lives in safe, healthy, and sustainable communities without the added burdens of excessive population growth. They work with affiliates around the country who assist with online petitions, grassroots outreach, local conferences, and more. These affiliates are in every state across America. Most individual states have more than one affiliate who advocates for policies that reflect their values at the city and state levels.

They’re an offshoot of the FAIRO or the “Federation of American Immigration Reform Organizations“; which was founded in 1982 to represent the interests of citizens who believed in individual freedom and opposed mass-unlimited immigration.

The organization’s annual and strategic plan is called the “Green Sheet Agenda.” The program makes plans for the coming year and beyond. The group hopes to get a commitment from Congress that they will not add to the federal debt ceiling and set national policy that will bring down population growth. Values such as education, family, religion and faith, alternate lifestyles, environmental issues, tax reform and health care reform (and more) are all addressed by their Green Sheet Agenda.

NumbersUSA tries to focus on how their values are affected by higher population density. They refer to people living in high-density areas as “congestible” or “congestible people.

The organization hopes to make it easier for families to live without being crowded out by people who can impact their happiness and well-being. They work with local affiliates across the country to create initiatives to help keep communities safer, more healthful, and better educated. The group also personally works on recruiting more Americans to the green cause, who can then help advocate for it.

The group also posts a weekly column on their website called “Holding Hands,” where they share stories and advice about families’ efforts to live their lives as nature intended by saving resources and managing population growth. For more information, click here.


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