Andrew Brooks, the founder of Sinclair Global, a digital marketing agency headquartered in Austin, TX, and a member of the NRF 2020 VISION panel, was recently asked to share his insights on the future of retail. During his presentation at the NRF 2020 Vision Panel, he shared insights from what he sees as the top trends in retail.

According to Andrew Brooks Sinclair, “The future is about brand experience and leveraging technology to create an emotional connection with consumers.” He believes that retailers will need to provide an outstanding experience for their customers if they want to succeed in this new environment.

For example, if you sell shoes over the web, your customer must receive the right shoe size and style they are looking for, or they will never purchase from you again. If you have an excellent return policy, you may still not get them back as they may have had a terrible experience trying on or receiving their shoes. In addition, if there is no way to contact someone if they have questions or concerns easily, they will also not return to your site.

The future of retail will create an emotional connection with consumers, providing them with an enjoyable brand experience. If you do not have the right technology in place, you will miss out on the opportunities provided by this new digital environment. If you do not create a positive brand experience, your customers will move on and eventually stop buying from you altogether.

According to Andrew Brooks, Sinclair Global founder, retailers need to ensure that their systems are easy to use and understand. If you try to get them back by offering them a discount, this will not be enough as customers are more interested in having an excellent experience than saving money.”

Sinclair Global Services can help you improve your customer experience and avoid the mistakes that cause customers to move on. They can help you implement new technologies to enhance your customer experience and make it easier for customers to find you online.