Breeding Program

Silva has one of the most comprehensive Skyrian horse breeding programs in all of Greece.  Not only does Silva maintain one of the largest and most genetically valuable herds, Silva has also played a key role in raising awareness and supporting scientific research. 

The primary ex-situ breeding site maintained by Silva is located at Villa Silva in Kanoni, where Silva cares for over 20 pure-bred Syrian horses.  Rachel Etherington, the director of the breeding program, is responsible for the health and comfort of the entire herd.  

Alec N. Copland, a retired University of Edinburgh faculty member and a board member of Silva, supports a satellite herd of 14 horses in Peebles, Scotland. The herd was started with three fillies and two colts sent by The Silva Project.  

Other Breeders

Skyros Municipality and Nikos Kritikos
University of Thessaloniki, Thessalonki, Greece
Amanda Simpson and Stathis Katsarelias, Skyros
Private Owners in Larissa, Evia Kalamata and Ioannina

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